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  • E001. Podcast Intro. Are you happy?

    Welcome to the very first episode of the Sensibly Happy podcast! Are you ready to be happy? Of course, you are!This very first episode is an introduction to my own recipe of changing your life for the better. It is about my life and the problems which all lead me to the creating of Sensibly Happy podcast. Also, you can

  • E002. Who are you? And how do you know that?

    This time we are going to talk about one of the most important things on the way to the happiness – reconsidering yourself. Who you are? And how do you know that? These are the main questions you need to answer Why? You will understand once you listen to the episode. Episode summary What do we need to ask ourselves?

  • E003. You have the power to change yourself

    This is the third and final intro episode of Sensibly Happy Podcast. It is about changes in your life. By the way, are you afraid of them? Because no matter where are you now – you can change something! If you are ready – turn the episode on! What you’ll discover Three episodes about awareness of you current life My

  • E004. Self-marketing in your life

    This is about injustice in our life and how to start resist it. We will speak about the moments when we spend some extra efforts and nobody’s notifying them. Don’t know what to do when your hard work is taken as granted? You are not alone! Turn on the episode to learn more about it! What you’ll discover: Everybody sometimes

  • E005. You can change your profession at anytime

    In this episode we will try to recall the moments in our lives when we made a decision about future profession. And why we did that decision. I will share my idea, why it’s bad to limit yourself with the profession you educated for. You are not obliged to do what you studied for till the rest of your life.

  • E006. Changing a profession or a job

    I will try my best to encourage and inspire you for changing your profession. I am really excited to tell you the story about how did I change my own job, what risks I had and what was my steps for switching profession. If you feel that you don’t fit your current job, or you cannot earn enough money –

  • E007. Good things about being a control freak

    This episode is about the tool that you can use to improve the quality of your life. It is about control freaks and why it is not so bad to monitor some aspects of your life. How to do it more effectively and without being too obsessed about it. What you’ll discover Who are control freaks? Conclusions after I controlled

  • E008. Appreciate of what you already have

    This episode is about appreciation of the things that you already have. You will explore why it is not so easy to enjoy your achievements. Also you will get more ideas about the ways of notifying and enjoying every moment of your life. And not to spin your thoughts around future or the past all the time. What you’ll discover

  • E009. Motivation vs Self-discipline

    This episode is about some ingredients of success. What is more important, self-discipline, or motivation? How to train your self-discipline as a muscle? And how all of this related to happiness?  What you’ll discover Differense between motivation and self-discipline What are one of the most important ingredients of success For whom self-discipline is? Self-discipline in personal life, art and busines

  • E010. How to start doing something you don’t want to?

    In this episode we are talking about how to start doing something uncomfortable that you have been putting off over and over again. Here you will discover a 5-minute brain hack to get the things done and will learn the universal ways to end that vicious circle of the postponed tasks. What you’ll discover How to remove all the tasks

  • E011. Don’t use a profession to identify yourself

    Want to change your profession, but don’t know how to find an alternative one? Here you will explore some common but erroneous patterns of making a decision. If you don’t want to make the same mistakes and pay for them for years, listen to the 11-th episode of the Sensibly Happy podcast. What you’ll discover What are different ways of

  • E012. You are unique. But how to identify that?

    We all are unique in our own way. But how can we identify that? And how can we use the knowledge of our atomic preferences to find our happy place in life, especially the professional life? How can we stay unique and valuable at the same time? What you’ll discover Why and how we are different. What forms our uniqueness.

  • E013. How to be valuable as a Consumer or as a Creator having your own interests

    Are you a creator or a consumer? No matter what the answer is, you can be valuable and important! You can be really useful for your strangest interests and preferences which you can turn into something amazing. And there is always a possibility to be both creator and consumer at the same time. What you’ll discover How your interests can

  • E014. Accept the challenge

    Are you afraid of accepting new life challenges? Can’t bring yourself to do something new and difficult? Learn how to acknowledge your achievements and strength to move forward and succeed in any challenge on your way! What you’ll discover What challenges can give you How to analyze your achievements and explore yourself What is your weapon against fears and doubts

  • E015. Spend 15 minutes a day to improve your life

    How can you improve your life in only 15 minutes a day? This episode will give you the answer, motivation, and a lot of useful ideas to help you achieve success. And foremost, you’ll get the universal technique which is easy to carry out and is powerful in results. What you’ll discover What is the 15-minute technique and how to

  • E016. Keep your emotions safe while starting something new

    Are you afraid or excited when you try doing something new? Or both? It is often happen that your initial expectations and estimates are way more different than after starting the process. How to save yourself from negative emotions?This episode will be extremely useful for you because it will get you prepared for possible struggles will help you to reduce

  • E017. Doing good to others but receiving ingratitude sometimes? How to protect yourself?

    Do you like helping others? Do you expect something in return? Do you ever get frustrated when people don’t pay kindness back? If your answers are “yes”, then this episode will definitely help you manage your expectations so that you don’t feel disappointed from now on! What you’ll discover How to fight disappointment when doing something good for others; What

  • E018. Improve your surrounding by giving positive feedbacks

    Have you ever noticed that there are not so many positive feedbacks when you do something good, but if you make a mistake, it gets noticed immediately? Would you like to hear good feedback more often? And did you ever wonder how powerful feedback can be? If yes, then you are in the right place! This episode will give you

  • E019. Are you angry while completing some tasks? Convert it to a joy

    Are there tasks that don’t make you happy, but you still need to get them done? Do you look for various excuses just to avoid doing those tasks? If that little voice in you thoughts answers “yes”, then this episode is for you! Here you will finally understand why you don’t like certain tasks and find some effective ways of

  • E020. Feeling vulnerable? Learn to recognize manipulations in your life

    Have you ever felt vulnerable? Have you ever felt like you were manipulated? This episode will give you information about how to recognize specific manipulation and resist it. Also, you will learn the types of manipulative “strokes” and will find out the best ways to react to each of them. What you’ll discover How to recognize and resist manipulationsWhat are

  • E021. Appreciate your weaknesses: they are your potential strengths

    What weaknesses do we have? Is it bad or good to have a weakness? Does it make you a special person or an outsider? In this episode we are answering these and many other questions which have been nagging you for a long time. Here you will find out the ways to fight weaknesses and turn them into something good

  • E022. How to learn things efficiently?

    Do you ever feel like you’re learning something without getting results? Have you ever noticed gaps in common learning approaches? In this episode we are talking about the ways to make the learning process more efficient and pleasant. Also, you will learn some useful tips that will help you to succeed. What you’ll discover How to plan your learning process

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