E002. Who are you? And how do you know that? - Sensibly Happy Podcast

This time we are going to talk about one of the most important things on the way to the happiness – reconsidering yourself. Who you are? And how do you know that? These are the main questions you need to answer Why? You will understand once you listen to the episode.

Episode summary

  • What do we need to ask ourselves? And why do we need that?
  • Why people are not ready to change anything.
  • My experience of building wrong beliefs about myself.
  • How people in your daily life affect on your vision of yourself.
  • What personal limits have you brought from your past.
  • You are a different person than you think.

Here are groups of our personal features that we could form based on others’ opinions:

  • Your appearance and body features. That could be anything – your weight, how does your face look like and so on.
  • Your intellectual abilities. This is actually can you handle complicated intellectual tasks.
  • Your emotional and behavioral skills. For instance, how easily you communicate with others are you stay calm in tough situations and other similar features.
  • Your creativity and fantasy – how easy for you to draw something or to be a musician or any other kind of artist.
  • Your motivation. What drives you. For instance, about one person, people or even parents can say ‘you think only about yourself’.
  • All the rest of beliefs.

Task for the week

Please, take those six groups of beliefs, and check each of those to recognize your own ones. Write them down on any electronic device or paper. The best way to do this is to start thinking of your past. Start reminding yourself what have you heard from your relatives, your parents, your friends and other people who had an influence on your life.

Please, start this process right after listening to this episode because you need time to recall those moments. And in two or three days you’ll start seeing a more clear picture. Having those memories restored – just write them down. But please, if you feel that it’s not too personal – share it with others.

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