E004. Self-marketing in your life - Sensibly Happy Podcast

This is about injustice in our life and how to start resist it. We will speak about the moments when we spend some extra efforts and nobody’s notifying them. Don’t know what to do when your hard work is taken as granted? You are not alone! Turn on the episode to learn more about it!

What you’ll discover:

  1. Everybody sometimes feel that no one notifying his/her efforts
  2. Some stories from my job about lack of appreciation
  3. What is self-marketing and why do we need it
  4. How to promote yourself in relationships and at work
  5. Invisible self-marketing: how to do that?
  6. Examples of phrases to start speaking about your efforts

Quotes, keynotes

The task for the next week

  1. Recall one moment from your work and from your personal life when your efforts were not notified. What were your feelings at that moment?
  2. Analyze what have you done to make this work visible. And have you done at least something?
  3. Brainstorm yourself. What could be done next time in a similar situation to make your work more visible? Imagine how you are doing that, how you are promoting your work.
  4. If at this moment you feel uncomfortable – try to recognize the reason. Why do you feel uncomfortable promoting yourself? It looks like this is a part of your personality. And this is, probably the element that doesn’t let you be successful. If you have such blocker – this is the thing you should work with.
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