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In this episode we will try to recall the moments in our lives when we made a decision about future profession. And why we did that decision. I will share my idea, why it’s bad to limit yourself with the profession you educated for. You are not obliged to do what you studied for till the rest of your life. It’s possible and it’s useful to switch!

What you’ll discover

  • What is profession and why do we need it
  • How did I choose my profession, and how did you?
  • Social classic path to become a specialist and my thoughts about it
  • Limits of the common profession selection flow
  • My experience of trying different roles and professions
  • Why it is useful to switch when you are an adult

Quotes, keynotes

The task for the next week

  1. Please, answer those questions:
    1. How have you come to the current situation? How the decision was made? (I mean your current profession)?
    2. How did you decide where to study and who to be?
    3. Have you had dreams to be someone else?
    4. How long you want to continue working in currents sphere?
    5. How often do you feel that it’s enough or did you hate the days like that? Do you wait for your weekends?
  2. After answering those questions imagine the world when you have no limits of changing your current profession. Imagine that you can be whoever you want to be. And to be that person you don’t need to spend additional time, obtain specific diploma and companies are ready to take you on that position. Of course with initial help and supervision from senior coworkers. In that world whom do you want to be?
  3. Next step is to compare your current situation and that imagine the world. If there is a big difference, then don’t tell yourself that everything is alright and you are happy. Because this is the gap between you and happier you.

This task is to warm up your imagination. To let those dreams come back to you. So after that, you will be more open to finding the opportunities to change your current state. You shouldn’t live your job tomorrow, but understanding where you want to go you can start preparing your plan and doing your homework for those changes in your life.

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