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I will try my best to encourage and inspire you for changing your profession. I am really excited to tell you the story about how did I change my own job, what risks I had and what was my steps for switching profession. If you feel that you don’t fit your current job, or you cannot earn enough money – turn on this episode and get inspiration for changes!

What you’ll discover

  • My situation before I changed my life
  • What was my impulse to make changes
  • How to delve into a new discipline
  • My experience in interviews
  • How to handle a transition to a new job
  • Main signs of excuses that stops us of making changes
  • My conclusions after I’ve changed profession

Quotes, keynotes

  • Every time I get to know how someone came to success and started feeling happy because of the things that the person really like, I’m getting so inspired. Because I understand, in those examples, that almost everything can be changed in our life.
  • After I finished university and tried to apply several job positions, based on my education, I’ve got rejections from all of those. So my conclusion was that I wasn’t good enough to be a programmer, because at the same time my former classmates already had some good jobs.
  • Once, I thought to myself that it’s a good idea to become a marketer. But where could I get the information about that? How could I study that? A lot of different questions were in my head. And I felt that this is something that could change my future.
  • The best way to sell yourself to a company is to come directly to that company and to speak with people or at least to call to that company and find the person who is responsible for hiring new people. And then you should try to sell yourself. Because visually you have much more possibilities to persuade the decision-maker that you are highly motivated, and this is true, you can show it with your emotions.
  • The chairman of the bank asked me: ”Do you understand that we should pay for your workplace, for electricity, for computer, while you will be studying?”. And I answered: “Yes, I understand, but you are investing in the person which will give you much more than the average marketer”
  • To change a profession you should pass several stages. 1. decision in what sphere you want to work. 2. preparation for the successful interview (I would call that period as a homework). 3.To start applying to different job opportunities. 4. the stage with interviews. Final goal is to show the employer that you’re capable of doing your duties.
  • What about my current jobs? What to do if I don’t pass the trial period? I couldn’t just live my jobs and do a leap of faith because in that case my family is not protected. And I came up with a very ambitious plan. The idea was simple. To take a vacation on two jobs for two weeks and work really hard to pass that probation period.
  • Messages like “I don’t have proper conditions” are just excuses. We are lying to ourselves. There are sometimes specific and complicated cases. But I didn’t think that they are more than 10% of it. And most likely, you don’t fall in that problematic segment.
  • Even if I didn’t work for twelve hours I was so exhausted with no energy that I wasn’t able to handle home tasks or to spend time with my wife. I was even more distant from my family than when I was working on two jobs and on Saturdays. And all that because I was performing so much to get a marketer job.
  • Four-and-a-half months – and I’m in a completely new sphere. I was a restorer, and right now I’m a marketer! With no education, previous experience, and friends decision-makers. Just a determination, persistence, hard-working and wise decisions.
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