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This episode is about appreciation of the things that you already have. You will explore why it is not so easy to enjoy your achievements. Also you will get more ideas about the ways of notifying and enjoying every moment of your life. And not to spin your thoughts around future or the past all the time.

What you’ll discover

  • My dreams from childhood and do I have it all already?
  • Do we appreciate what we already have?
  • Why we don’t live the moment
  • When it is useful to think about the past or future?
  • What is it – to live the moment?
  • How to explore yourself by living a moment

Quotes, keynotes

  • What dreams did you have? In childhood, as a teenager, and growing older and having independence from the parents. I’m sure there was a lot of different dreams. What were they about?
  • Right now I have most of the things I dreamt about. I feel right now as a strong, self-confident and successful person. There is a huge difference between myself present, and the past. I have the ability to buy different sweets, regular ones, and unique, I have the relationships I needed, a phone with the Internet, a car, own home. I have almost everything I wanted and dreamt about. So as you!
  • At the moment when we already have something, we are thinking about new achievements. And of course we are swallowed by daily routines, most of each are made to fight with troubles or to make for a living. Are you sure you will appreciate those new purchases or updates in your status? Or will you enjoy enough at the moment when troubles will disappear?
  • You spend one, five, ten years to achieve or to get something. Don’t you think that after obtaining that, you will start thinking about a new goal? And you will, I can assure you. You will forget about what you’ve just accomplished and you will set new goals.
  • Remind yourself of those moments when you achieved something. For how long have you been feeling that euphoria or elation before new goals and challenges came to play?
  • There is one amazing french movie about a marketing world called “99 Francs”. And in the first minutes of a movie the protagonist tells how his marketer work looks like. He says something like: “When you finally collected enough money and bought the car you dreamt of, I convert it into junk by creating an ad about a new one.”
  • The main reason for not notifying joyful moments is because most of our time we don’t live the current moment. Of course, at this moment we are at some place, doing something and at the same time, our thoughts are far away from the current situation. Because most of our activities are being performed automatically. Is it eating, reaching the office, or any other routine.
  • What could be possible negatives about thinking of the future? The worst case if you think “I already have that experience and it never ends happily” or “I don’t like to do these things”, or “I understand that I should do it, but I don’t want to” and so on. It is really bad to focus on a problem itself. Much better is to be focused on the solution.
  • We are not guilty of choosing that inefficient way of thinking about our past and future. We are programmed by society to do that. To be afraid of what other people think about us. To be depressed of our past failures. Because we are told that someone is looking at us every time and that our activities always have consequences. That we should care about our reputation and be as successful as someone else and act like that someone.
  • I think that if you don’t have any valuable conclusion or a plan after your constant thinking process, or your mood didn’t become better, calmer or more motivated or you didn’t free yourself – most likely you wasted your brain’s energy.
  • To be happier it is very good to make a conscious decision about following. Are you analyzing a past – events, emotions to make some decisions or to understand something new about yourself? Are you thinking about the future to create some plans or to dream a little bit? Or you are living here and now and realize who you are and what you are doing and feeling at the moment.
  • I’m doing my best to prepare the breakfast, using ideal ingredients, that I’ve bought specifically for it, serving that breakfast for me and my wife, we give ourselves a time to enjoy our meal. And then I have two options. One option is to enjoy how it tastes, what is the texture and flavors by chewing every single bite and get most of it. Because everything is set. The breakfast is ideal, I have time for it, and moreover, eating slowly is healthier. Or I can switch myself to an automatic mode to chew with no sense and at the same time to think about different things from the past or near future. That means that I’m wasting my efforts to make that breakfast ideal without realizing how tasty it is.
  • If you’ve just achieved something or solved some problem or got something new, you have several options – the first option is to switch your focus on a new goal or a new problem and the second option is to be focused on that something that you’ve just achieved to realize that moment and feelings. And you can do it more than one time.
  • Living the current moment gives us a big benefit. When we feel the current moment and what makes us happy or sad – we get to know better of who we are. Because in such moments, you can realize that you can enjoy this exact situation and why it happens, because of what factors. That means that you are sensitive to such factors, and this is the part of yourself.

The task for the next week

  1. Recall different things that you dreamt of in your past. Don’t limit yourself: it could be anything.
  2. Analyze how many of those things you’ve already achieved. Do you have or feel that? Did you have a chance of having it in past? You will realize that you have a lot of it already.
  3. Take a list of those things and think, how you can interact with it to get more pleasure of it. Doesn’t matter if it is something physical, relationships, or anything else.
  4. Plan that interaction. How will you do it during next week?
  5. Do it. Take more pleasure and enjoy what you have already.
My son is overwhelmed while climbing the stairs for the first time. This is about enjoying doing something for the first time
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