E010. How to start doing something you don't want to? - Sensibly Happy Podcast

In this episode we are talking about how to start doing something uncomfortable that you have been putting off over and over again. Here you will discover a 5-minute brain hack to get the things done and will learn the universal ways to end that vicious circle of the postponed tasks.

What you’ll discover

  • How to remove all the tasks from your to-do list ASAP.
  • The powerful technique of “4D’s”.
  • What blockers keep you from completing the task and how to overcome each of them.
  • How to hack your brain in 5 minutes to get the work done?

Quotes, keynotes

The task for the next week

This week’s task is a really easy one. Remind yourself about three things that you cannot start doing. Doesn’t matter if it’s related to your job, your health or your relationship. Just select three different tasks which you postpone all the time and analyze why do you postpone them by using the list of blockers that I’ve just provided. This task is really easy to do and you might probably ask “Why should I do this? There is no sense of doing that task!” But there is a good reason for implementing such tasks because every time you listen to some information and do nothing with that, you forget about it in a week at most. But when you try doing something with the information you’ve just received, you remember that there is such a tool. And even if you don’t desperately need it right away, you will need it in 3 or 6 months. And you’ll recall that there is such an approach to help in your situation and you will know where to find it quickly.

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