E012. You are unique. But how to identify that? - Sensibly Happy Podcast

We all are unique in our own way. But how can we identify that? And how can we use the knowledge of our atomic preferences to find our happy place in life, especially the professional life? How can we stay unique and valuable at the same time?

What you’ll discover

  • Why and how we are different. What forms our uniqueness.
  • How to identify your uniqueness and benefit from it.
  • How to use atomic preferences on the job market.
  • How to stay unique and valuable at the same time.

Quotes, keynotes

The task for the next week

Please, take an activity that you like participating in and analyze what exactly you like in it and what you don’t like. Please, be as detailed as you can. As a result, you will have the first puzzles of your own true picture.

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