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Are you a creator or a consumer? No matter what the answer is, you can be valuable and important! You can be really useful for your strangest interests and preferences which you can turn into something amazing. And there is always a possibility to be both creator and consumer at the same time.

What you’ll discover

  • How your interests can be useful for you.
  • Ways to find or create a community to cherish your interests.
  • How you can be valuable by being a consumer.
  • How can you be both consumer and creator at the same time.

Quotes, keynotes

  • What to do with the picture of ourselves made of our atomic preferences? Can we create something useful out of it? I believe that yes! We can convert it into something that would be appreciated by other people, even if our interests and preferences are a bit strange.
  • Some of our preferences or interests are useful, while others can be weird. And, at first sight, we should hide those preferences or interests. For instance, someone can collect covers for the song “Summertime”; another one may collect swear words from different movies; someone enjoys carving wood and toy soldiers, or creating patterns when spreading butter on bread. Some people like to wear only bright or wool socks or to step on every third tile on the floor. There are as many preferences and interests as there are people in this world. And you have them too!
  • Your preferences, even the weird ones, could be useful for other people. But where to start? How to start that exploration of opportunities? The first thing you should do is to select one of your interests or preferences which drives you the most and describe it in detail.
  • How can you analyze your interests? By a simple Q&A! For example, if you say, “I like communicating with others,” you should ask yourself these questions: What people do you like communicating with? And what topics do you like discussing the most? Do you like to talk, or to listen? What moments in a conversation do you like the most? What part in a conversation brings you the biggest pleasure? While you’re describing interest you’ve just chosen, please, be as precise as you can! Describe in details, what exactly you like and don’t like. Having that description is a good start!
  • A good move would be to become a part of a community of people who have the same interests as you. Though, your scared or idle self may say, “I’m an introvert. I don’t like communicating with others!” Or, “There is no such community I’d like to be in!” But you should realize that the best way to have your specific trait or interest fully engaged in your life is to be a part of a community.
  • To find the community of like-minded people is one way to go. But if you know that there is no such community, or you want to create your special one, you can do that for sure!
  • Nowadays, having Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on, you can create any community online being in any corner of the world! With the Internet and social media, you have no borders!
  • Should you be a creator, be valuable and useful for someone else? Should you create something with your hands and your creativity to be able to join some community or create your own?
  • By being a good and responsible consumer, you are no less valuable than the person who creates that thing. By being a part of a community related to your interest, you can be a part of the team that helps to create that ideal something.
  • Do you really need to join a community? What does it give to you? Firstly, it gives connections. It connects you to like-minded people. And this is so valuable because you know that there are other people who like the same thing and you are not alone. Secondly, it provides you with drive and inspiration. By connecting with other people with the same interest, you get a real inspiration. The third thing you receive is a ton of ideas, including business ideas. And also, you can see other people who got on the next level and understand where to go next. But the most important thing is that a community can be as a single entity to create something completely new and interesting for people who’ve never heard about certain interest or occupation before and who will be ready to pay for it.
  • What do you get from a community, if you’re a creator? It’s really important for you to have other people who like the same thing, the consumers – they will inspire you! It’s better to interact with like-minded people instead of trying to interest all other people: you will get more inspiration from your community, more ideas, more positive feedbacks. And you will see people who are ready to consume your product. And every time you doubt whether you should move forward, your community will support you.
  • Sometimes, the consumer can become a creator, like those people who like to play different video games and record the process. That means that those people are consumers and, at the same time, they create new content by playing games in their unique way.
  • The main interest is the reason to gather people around. And by being unique and having your own skills’ features set, you can apply all that to activate a community!
  • Should you stick to only one interest forever? I don’t think so! Because it’s the process of exploration! Today you think that it’s interesting for you, but then you realize that there is something else that drives you. You should be open to your feelings! And your main goal should be to understand what exactly drives you.

The task for the next week

Select your main interest for now. What drives you? First of all, narrow it down, describe it precisely. Not in general words, but in details.

The second part is to think about looking for a community for it. Do you think it exists? Where can you find the community? Where can you find people who share the same interest?

If you think that there is no such community and Google gives you nothing on that, then the third part of the task is to think how you can create your own interest group and how you can promote it to find other people like you. Trust me, you will become happier by creating it!

And the last part, if that community exists, become a part of it, start communicating with people in it. But if it doesn’t exist, create a plan of how you will create that community. Describe several of your first steps.

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