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Are you afraid of accepting new life challenges? Can’t bring yourself to do something new and difficult? Learn how to acknowledge your achievements and strength to move forward and succeed in any challenge on your way!

What you’ll discover

  • What challenges can give you
  • How to analyze your achievements and explore yourself
  • What is your weapon against fears and doubts
  • How to get the most out of all opportunities you get

Quotes, keynotes

  • Let’s admit, most of us have different doubts and fears before doing something new to us. And in most cases, we reject the idea of participating in a challenge. Why is it happening to us? Because of the environment where we grew up. We were told not to do risky things, not to be bold; or we were told that we were not good enough, not strong enough, that we were not as good as our neighbour, or classmate. We just don’t believe in ourselves because of that!
  • Is it bad to avoid challenges? I believe it’s really bad! Because of making such negative decisions, we avoid different opportunities which come to our life, since participating in challenges brings you a lot of benefits.
  • Participating in challenges helps you promote yourself and explore your strengths and weaknesses, and it will help you achieve more goals and learn a lot of useful and interesting information. And even if you fail, you’ll gain an extremely valuable experience and knowledge.
  • Our mind can play a bad joke on us. When we first face a challenge, our mind tries to reject the idea of participating in something complicated. But if we are forced to accept the challenge, we may show surprising results. In any case, it’s worth the try!
  • To be ready to accept new challenges you should believe in yourself! But how to do that? You should know that you are powerful and resourceful because without feeling and realizing that, your brain will, reject the idea of participating in challenges over and over again. You need some evidence that you are strong, that you’ve already achieved something.
  • If you use Google and try to find the answer to the question “How to identify your achievements?”, all you will get is a list of articles with ideas on how to improve your CV, or how to answer properly on interviews because all those articles are about career achievements. And this is sad because all that information forces you to meet someone else’s criteria and expectations. Based on those articles, you should decide your target position and then analyze what you have done in that sphere to be valuable.
  • I treat achievements as products of our soft and technical skills applied to our interests. When you know your real achievements, you will be more likely to accept new challenges without losing new opportunities. And achievements are not only about a profession and not about making money. It’s about being resourceful. And your achievements can show that you have something that drives you, that there are spheres where you can provide something especially valuable.
  • How to identify our achievements? How to see that we are really special? Even if we try to be the same as other people, at some moment in a kindergarten or school, we start realizing that we are different in something, that we have some unique interests, that we think differently, and that we can spend a lot of our time on things that other people don’t care about. And by spending that extra time, we’re more likely to receive extra results in that occupation in comparison to other people who don’t spend such amount of time on it.
  • What did you like to spend your time on in the past, for instance, being at school, or in college? Please, don’t stick to a profession, just think: “What would you spend a lot of your time on? What results did you have by spending that time? Did you have some extra results?”
  • Can you remember some of the results you were proud of? Every idea, every memory is relevant. Can’t find those memories? Then think twice! Don’t be so modest! Right now you’re doing it just for yourself. This is not about someone else’s thoughts; this is about being yourself.
  • Remember your achievements and features that make you special! This will be your weapon against your fears and doubts before accepting a new challenge. Every new challenge will show you that you are better, smarter, and stronger than you thought you would be.
  • Right now, if you see some new opportunity, a new challenge, just accept it! You will probably fail some of those, but you will become stronger, and you will have all the benefits.
  • If you accept long-term challenges, use self-discipline to reach your goals. Without self-discipline, you will often fail, and you will blame yourself for it.

The task for the next week

You should complete these steps which will help you identify your achievements:

  • First step, recall the moment or situation when you understood that you’re different. What was it about? Why did you think that way?
  • The second step is to analyze what you are ready to spend a lot of your time. It could be about the past or the present. But please, don’t forget about the past, because you can find a lot of different things there. Even if you’ve stopped doing that, you probably have some achievements back in those days.
  • The third step: What were your results? What results were you proud of?
  • The fourth step: analyze what your skills or features helped you to achieve those results.
  • And the fifth step: remember your achievements, your features, and your skills. Do you have any opportunities, any challenges on the horizon where your skills and features could be useful and would help you achieve. 
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