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Have you ever noticed that there are not so many positive feedbacks when you do something good, but if you make a mistake, it gets noticed immediately? Would you like to hear good feedback more often? And did you ever wonder how powerful feedback can be? If yes, then you are in the right place! This episode will give you the secret tips and exclusive information about the ways to use feedback to get happier.

What you’ll discover

  • How feedback influences your life and happiness
  • Why people don’t give you feedback on good things you do
  • The secret motion and tips to help you
  • The benefits of giving and receiving feedback
  • How to give feedback properly

Quotes, keynotes

The task for the next week

  • The first step: recall situations from the last several days, when you saw some extra efforts from a person, or you received an ordinary service or any other situation that was worth giving feedback. By doing that, you’re setting your radars on.
  • The second step: imagine, what could be the worst feedbacks in those situations? Please, don’t forget about the components of feedbacks that I’ve previously provided. By doing that, you will set up some patterns for further situations.
  • The third step: start giving feedbacks! For fixing those feedback patterns, it would be nice to give at least one feedback a day. Look out for those situations, notify those events, notify efforts of others and tell them about that!
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