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What weaknesses do we have? Is it bad or good to have a weakness? Does it make you a special person or an outsider? In this episode we are answering these and many other questions which have been nagging you for a long time. Here you will find out the ways to fight weaknesses and turn them into something good and useful.

What you’ll discover

  • What are the types of weaknesses
  • How to turn your weakness into a goal
  • How weaknesses can make you special
  • How to change your perspective

Quotes, keynotes

  • Since you realize that you know about your weaknesses, you can convert that knowledge into a goal. There is an interesting dictum, “The problem is a poorly defined target.” That means that every problem could be converted to a goal by understanding what you don’t like, and what result you want to have. After you’ve realized and admitted that you have such weakness, you can start converting it to something good. Should you change yourself or stay as you are? The answer always depends on the situation and your own decision.
  • “But what are the options?” you may ask. And of course, your question is reasonable. You have several options, at least those that I know about. The first one is to hire skills to hire a skilled person. The second option is that you can work hard on your weakness to change it. In that case, you can spend your efforts to become stronger. The third option, you can build your weakness up and direct it to a new goal. And the fourth option is to leave it as your special feature which makes you unique. Of course, understand that till that moment it’s just a theoretical statement. So, let’s talk about every single case in details.
  • You can hire skills that you are missing to cover some specific area. In most situations, it applies to a business or some kind of services. For instance, to fix some broken device, cut grass on your lawn, or perform a photo session. Those kinds of tasks require a lot of experience or a lot of your time and to improve in those areas would be a good idea for you only in case you like the process, or you want to make some money with that. Otherwise, that kind of weakness is not your weakness, but just a different sphere where you don’t have experience right now.
  • If you understand the price, and you are so desperate to chase your weakness that you’re ready to pay the price, then welcome to the challenge. What challenge am I talking about? That could be the goal to change your body, to change your mental and emotional abilities, to change your profession, job, friends, place of living, and so on. I believe that you can become the author of your destiny in most cases!
  • You know that other people have that extra skill, but you don’t. Sometimes, it can make you very strong that you’re able to practice a lot, much more than people who have that extra skill. What does it mean? That means that when you start practising, and will keep practising, at some moment, you can become much more skillful than others. Why? Because they stopped in their growth at some moment of their life, but you continue practising and moving forward all the time while they’re staying. Just realize that thing.
  • Your weaknesses often push you to spend more effort than others and achieve better results than others.
  • By having a particular weakness, you’re blessed to see what others don’t see, to keep asking questions, and dive deep into the topic.
  • “To be an artist you should be gifted, you should naturally do those things. But if you’re not gifted, you should learn it. And often, the results from a gifted and an educated person are similar. So, keep that in mind and don’t get yourself off this court too early.”
  • If you have a weakness and thus a lot of questions, keep asking, keep being annoying, dig deep to the root. And sometimes you can find an expert who is looking for someone like you, someone as passionate as you are. And this is where a new relationship starts. If you want to know something, you have questions, be yourself and ask those questions!
  • In most spheres, you can find someone, some experts, who can help by guiding you. If it’s about your look, that expert can tell you what’s good for you and what’s not. If it’s about some skills, the expert can guide you in your first steps and with the development of a plan.
  • If you have some weakness, build it up by switching your point of view. I don’t mean changing the situation even to a worse one. What I’m saying is that you can look from a different perspective on your situation, on your weakness.
  • There’s one interesting book ‘How to turn your weaknesses into strengths’ written by David Kerpen. And there is one idea on how we can treat some of our weaknesses as our strengths. The idea is that for some weaknesses we can find strengths by shifting our mindset. For instance, weakness – irresponsible and strength – adventurous; weakness – childish, strength – playful; weakness – inconsistent, strength – flexible; weakness – talkative, strength – expressive, and much more other pairs. Think about that.
  • You don’t need to work with every single weakness you have. Should you be an ideal person? I doubt it. But if your weakness hurts you, you should work with it. And you can’t change it; you probably understand that this is not a one-day journey to change your weakness into something good. But from my perspective, it’s worth all the efforts. In your journey of improving yourself, it is a really good idea to help others with the same issue. Because by helping them you become stronger, and you’ll learn much quicker.

The task for the next week

  • The first step, choose three of your weaknesses and described them in detail.
  • The second step, decide what option out of four points that I’ve explained in this episode would be the best to choose from to deal with that exact weakness.
  • The third step, write a plan for each of those weaknesses, how you gonna deal with them.
  • And the fourth step, start bringing your plan into life.
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