E022. How to learn things efficiently? - Sensibly Happy Podcast

Do you ever feel like you’re learning something without getting results? Have you ever noticed gaps in common learning approaches? In this episode we are talking about the ways to make the learning process more efficient and pleasant. Also, you will learn some useful tips that will help you to succeed.

What you’ll discover

  • How to plan your learning process to make it the most productive
  • Tips for a faster learning process
  • How to change your filters of attention
  • How to find the motivation

Quotes, keynotes

The task for the next week

  • Step one: select the discipline that you’re already in the process of learning or planning to learn in the nearest future.
  • The second step: plan your learning process using planning techniques from this episode.
  • The third step: analyze in what kind of activities you could be involved to increase speed and performers of education, who you could collaborate with, what kind of physical activities you’d want to use after the learning sessions, and so on.
  • The fourth step: analyze and plan how you can boost your learning results. Prepare a notebook for taking notes, and for writing summaries, select people with whom you will share your fresh cognitions, search for quizzes and exercises to choose from and think how you can find an expert who could provide feedback on your exercises.
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