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Welcome to the very first episode of the Sensibly Happy podcast! Are you ready to be happy? Of course, you are!

This very first episode is an introduction to my own recipe of changing your life for the better. It is about my life and the problems which all lead me to the creating of Sensibly Happy podcast. Also, you can learn from this podcast what our parents, school, and university left for each of us; and about how necessary is to be more aware of who you are. At the end of the podcast, all of you will get the task for the next week – it will be a next step on your way to be more happy.

Here’s a short review of what you can explore in this episode:

  • A little bit of my biography
  • Something is wrong with learning algorithms in our society
  • Are people aware of why do they study?
  • Do you have proper algorithms of interacting with others? I didn’t.
  • How I came to the idea of SensiblyHappy podcast
  • Why do we need to share our ideas?
  • My explanation of global and daily happiness
  • Why it is important to notice when you are feeling good
  • My channels of communication with you
As I promised in an episode here is a photo of the can where my daughter put drawn flowers every time she felt happy.


  • I started to ask my classmates: ‘why do you think we should study this?’. ‘- We study those because our University is well known in the world, so everyone who receives our diploma should cover different areas of knowledge’. We should study those things not because we will use them in the future, but because University cares about its reputation.
  • I started notifying that other people knew some algorithms, behavioral patterns how to interact with others, how to react to other people and so on. They received those patterns from their childhood or another period of their lives without realizing that.
  • Most of the self-improvement books gave some great ideas, but also gave questionable ideas, so those were not like bibles, but actually, like thoughts and experience of the person and some conclusions. Some information would be useful for you and the other information you should just take into consideration but not use it as an axiom.
  • For me, happiness divides into two different things. The first thing is a global one – this is to feel harmony with the universe. The second thing which I treat as the happiness for myself is to enjoy your life on a daily basis, to have small pleasant pieces during the day

The task for the next week:

You should start notifying moments when you can feel happy. So, the first part of it is to spend 5-10 minutes just to remind yourself what are things in life that makes you happy. The second step would be to imagine those things in the future. Let’s say you like playing with your dog. Imagine the next situation when you’re walking with your dog and start playing with him and imagine the moment when you start playing, you just stopped for a second and realize – here is that happy moment.

Try to imagine two or three different situations and imagine the trigger which should stop you and make you realize that this is the moment of happiness. And the third step of the task for the next week would be to actually catch those happy moments. So this task is about making you more aware of the opportunities which are in your life which brings you happiness.

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