E017. Doing good to others but receiving ingratitude sometimes? How to protect yourself? - Sensibly Happy Podcast

Do you like helping others? Do you expect something in return? Do you ever get frustrated when people don’t pay kindness back? If your answers are “yes”, then this episode will definitely help you manage your expectations so that you don’t feel disappointed from now on!

What you’ll discover

  • How to fight disappointment when doing something good for others;
  • What do other people think when you do something for them;
  • Why do we expect something from others;
  • How to arrange our expectations.

Quotes, keynotes

The task for the next week

  • Step one. Recall two different cases from your life when you did something good to another person but didn’t receive anything good in return, and it hurt you somehow.
  • The second step. Imagine: what would be the best arrangement in a similar situation? How should the deal look like?
  • The third step. Analyze whether you have cases right now when you give something to another person. How can you save yourself from negative emotions in the future if the person will turn his/her back on you? Decide: should you make an arrangement, or should you accept the future when you’ll get nothing from the person like you did nothing good?
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